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Growing Up

What’s up, sis!

This blog post is gonna be some thoughts I have on a verse I came across in my quiet time (Christian slang for time spent with Jesus). Excuse my grammar and improper English.....Enjoyyyyy!

Scripture Reference

1 Peter 2:2 “Like newborn infants, desire the pure milk of the word so that you may grow up into your salvation.”

Daily Reading

Have you ever heard the phrase “You should read the Word daily”? I know I have, whether through church or friends, that preacher chick I follow on Instagram. I feel like it's repeated so much in the Christian world and yet we don’t always hear why we have to read the Bible. I felt the need to share why I believe it's important to spend time in the Word.

Sometimes I hear it's because we need a relationship with Jesus. I totally agree with that and what other great way to get to know Him than reading words He’s already laid out for us? But also, I think He laid these words out for us so that we could be wisdom-filled, joy-filled, able to take on the enemy, able to withstand trials and be mature in our faith.

So what if we started reading the bible to “grow up” as Peter says? To become spiritually mature and older. I don't know about y’all but I want to be mature enough to understand the hard things God tells me and shows me. I want to be spiritually sound enough to recognize when I’m falling off track or I’m not desiring the right things. When my eyes are wandering and my feet are going off the path God has for me. I want to be wise enough to dive deep into the Bible and not just feel like I’m reading empty words on a page that could tear into two if I accidentally turn it too fast (if you can't tell I would like to petition for Bible pages to be thicker.)

This wisdom as Peter points out comes from desiring the Word of God like newborns! It should be our constant source of nutrients, we should crave to munch on the Word day and night.

You might be wondering, how do I magically turn on the desire to read the word? ‘I can’t flip on that switch Bri’ and you're absolutely right. It can be difficult to suddenly desire the Word, especially when life gets hectic and distractions flare-up. But, if you wait for your feelings to catch up to what you need spiritually you might be waiting a long time. You see our feelings are important, God gave us emotion, but you shouldn't act off of your emotions. You should act off God’s Word, and His Word says to read the word! To hunger for it. So start reading.

That is how you begin to crave something. You fight past the emotions that may be telling you something else and you fight to read what you know will grow you. What you know God has for you.

Some Tips:

That's right. That's the trick. You do it. You read. You set aside time within your busy schedule to sit with God and read. Be intentional, make it worth it. Try doing these things:

  • Plan a time frame

  • Find a Bible Plan (I’ll link some good ones at the bottom of this blog)

  • Put your phone on, do not disturb.

  • Turn on some music (if you're a reader with music type of gal)

  • Ask God to help you see and understand clearly. Ask Him for the perseverance to get through the session.

  • Read.

Closing thoughts

And another thing, as you pray, ask God to change the desires of your heart. Ask Him to align your desires with His. He is ready and able to do what is best for you. All you have to do is ask. SO ASK!

I hope these words grew you in some way. Maybe it was exactly what you needed to hear, maybe you didn't need this but you're just reading along for the fun of it. Or maybe you're like my mom who is just here to support me haha. But I pray this impacts you. That God uses this blog to influence you or someone through you. Thanks for reading!

How has this impacted you? What are your takeaways? I want to know! Email me friend.

Throwing a peace sign up and a prayer for you,


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